Smart City HQ

Under the Aurangabad Smart City, a smart city operations center (OCC) is visualized to provide the integrated capability of monitoring diverse applications and operations under the smart city program.

The OCC will consist of a monitoring room, situation rooms, and a data center to house all the IT equipment necessary for the project.

The main intent is to create an integrated, innovative, and inclusive architecture that allows the city to become efficient and its citizens to have a better quality of life using information that is collected from sensors and then collated, analyzed and displayed, or disseminated to the citizens and visitors of the city.

Smart City CC

Command and Control Centre (CCC) for the Police Department is the nerve center of the City Surveillance, Traffic Management, and Enforcement system. The CCC is ergonomically designed with an area for video wall, operators, conference room , all other amenities, etc.

Surveillance cameras installed at various locations across the city will be monitored at the CCC, along with the alerts generated from the intelligent video analytics system. The CCC will provide the ability to the police to coordinate their supervision and response activities with the help of advanced technology.

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