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Inauguration of Smart Roads by Guardian Minister

Kagril Vijay Diwas Celebrated

Aurangabad becomes Cycles4Change India Challenge finalist

Aurangabad: In a delightful development, Aurangabad has become one of 25 cities in India to be shortlisted for the second phase of nationwide Cycles4Change Challenge organised by Smart Cities Mission. Notably, the Aurangabad Smart City Development Corporation Ltd (ASCDCL) has created a 6 km long cycle track from Kranti Chowk to Railway Station and back as part of this Challenge.

The India Cycles4Change Challenge was introduced by Smart Cities Mission, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India to inspire and support Indian cities to quickly implement cycling-friendly initiatives in response to Covid-19. The Challenge was launched in Aurangabad by AMC administrator and erstwhile ASCDCL CEO Astik Kumar Pandey on October 2, 2020. The administrator subsequently had announced that Aurangabad will get 20 kilometres of cycle track.

The cyclists associations, fitness groups and residents have since then eagerly joined the movement of cycling. This was also followed by the increase in cycle sales in city by a whopping 300 percent.

The cycle enthusiasts and other stakeholders along with officials of ASCDCL, Aurangabad Municipal Corporation and traffic police undertook survey of different city routes and the stretch from Kranti Chowk to Railway Station was selected for the development of city’s first cycle track. The cycle track was completed in January and was inaugurated by Maharashtra minister of Environment and Climate Change, Tourism and Protocol Aaditya Thackeray in presence of Maharashtra minister of Industries, Marathi Language and Mining Subhash Desai.

Other initiatives like Cycle to Work Day initiated by Mr Pandey, heritage cycle rally, painting of street at Cidco N-1 and Open Streets events were taken as part of the Cycles4Change Challenge.

107 cities had applied for the challenge. The results of phase 1 of the Cycles4Change Challenge came out on Tuesday and Aurangabad has made it to phase 1 finalist list overriding cities like Pune, Thane, Kalyan-Dombivili, Ahmedabad and Varanasi. Now, the city has to give a presentation to the jury and to be selected among 11 cities which will receive a scale up support of Rs 1 crore.

For more details visit : https://smartnet.niua.org/indiacyclechallenge/

Aurangabad’s participation in first war of independence celebrated at Kham

      Aurangabad’s participation in first war of independence celebrated at Kham
·       District Collector, Army Station Commander, Municipal Commissioner and Aurangabad Smart City CEO, Cantt CEO pay homage to fallen soldiers
·       Lokhandi Pul lit up to commemorate the first war of Independence
·       24 plants planted for 24 martyred freedom fighters
Aurangabad: For the first time in the city’s history, the role of Aurangabad’s soldiers and civilians in India’s first war of independence, was remembered in a solemn programme held at Lokhandi Pul near Cantonment Board office on the South-west bank of River Kham on June 23.
The programme was organised by Cantonment Board Aurangabad, Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) and Aurangabad Smart City Development Corporation Ltd (ASCDCL), noted historian Shaikh Ramzan shared detailed account of the series of events that took place June 9 and June 23 of 1857 and the significance of River Kham in the freedom struggle.
District Collector Sunil Chavan, Station Commander Brig Upinder Singh Anand (SM), AMC Administrator and Aurangabad Smart City CEO Astik Kumar Pandey and Cantonment Board Aurangabad CEO Vikrant More among other officials and citizens paid homage to the Indian soldiers and civilians who took part in the freedom struggle of 1857 in Aurangabad. Aditya Tiwari, assistant project manager for Climate Change at Aurangabad Smart City coordinated the programme.
During the keynote address, Dr Shaikh Ramzan took the gathering chronologically to the events that led to a strong yearning for independence among Indian soldiers and locals. Referring to the first-hand account of erstwhile collector Fardunji Jamshetji in the Aurangabad District Gazetteers, Dr Ramzan said that Aurangabad is the only place in the whole of South India where there was a revolution against the British in the first war of independence. He mentioned about the 24 soldiers were martyred among those who took part in the struggle and the conflict that took Lokhandi Pul built over Kham River.
Brigadier Anand expressed appreciation for the administration for commemorating the first war of Independence with Aurangabad’s context. “It is important that we write our own history. In school, I was taught about the first war of independence as the revolt of 1857. This was because it was the British who wrote the history for us. I appreciate Dr Ramzan who is writing the history from our perspective,” Brig Anand said. He gave example of Sant Kabir and Baba Fareed and said that inspite of being common people, they are remembered over the administrators or kings of their times because of their contribution to the society.
District collector Chavan cheered the team working on rejuvenation of River Kham under AMC commissioner Pandey. He said that the every citizen should live a life that he or she will be remembered for.
AMC commissioner Pandey said that Pratishthan now known as Paithan was a centre of trade and culture during the times of the Satvahana Empire. Considering the historic value of the city, the AMC, the Aurangabad Smart City, the Cantonment Board Aurangabad, Varroc and Eco Sattva are working for the last 6 months for ecological restoration and beautification of River Kham.
The Kham River Rejuvenation team arranged for plantation of 24 plants for each of the 24 martyrs. In addition, the Lokhandi Pul over River Kham has been lit up to commemorate the first war of Independence
District mining officer Atul Daud, Gauri Mirashi of Eco Sattva, ASCDCL’s Ram Paunikar, Siddharth Bansod, Sneha Bakshi and Arpita Sharad and AMC’s senior Sanitation Inspector Asadullah Khan were present in the event.
Notably, Brig Anand interacted with the team of ex-servicemen who are employed as line inspectors for Aurangabad Smart City Bus Service and lauded ASCDCL CEO Pandey for engaging ex-servicemen.

Aurangabad wins Streets4People Challenge

Aurangabad wins Streets4People Challenge

• City made it to top 11 cities among 113 cities

• • Big cities like New Delhi, Chandigarh, Hyderabad left behind

• 4 streets will be transformed to make them safe and friendly walking

Aurangabad: In a major boost to the countrywide image of the city, Aurangabad won the Streets For People Challenge organised by central government to make it to the top 11 cities among 113 cities. This award was announced in an online programme organised by Smart Cities Mission on Monday.

Aurangabad Smart City Development Corporation Limited implemented the streets for people challenge in Aurangabad under the guidance of CEO and Aurangabad Municipal Commissioner Mr Astik Kumar Pandey. 

The Streets4People Challenge was introduced by Smart Cities Mission under Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India with an aim to make streets walking friendly, safe and inclusive for all. The idea is to encourage walking and making public places vibrant for all sections of the society. 

As part of the campaign, Aurangabad Smart City took stretches of Kranti Chowk and Connaught to carry out pilot testing to ensure parking discipline, improve walking experience, improve pedestrian safety, enhance aesthetics, create spaces for socialising, boost local economy and boost the visitor experience. 

As part of Streets4People Challenge, Aurangabad organised Open Streets programmes at Paithan Gate, Kranti Chowk and Connaught. In open streets, traffic movement was stopped to give citizens the experience of vehicle free streets. It recieved overwhelming response from all sections. 

Aurangabad Smart City made designs for the transformation of 4 streets viz. Kranti Chowk to Gopal T, Paithan Gate to Gulmandi, Connaught and Priyadarshini MGM Street. Sneha Nair, Assistant Project Manager at Aurangabad Smart City said that several times meetings have been held with Aurangabad Municipal Corporation officers, traffic police, shopkeepers, residents and public representatives. "Based on the feedback recieved during the meetings, we will make necessary modifications in the designs and will implement in the next few months," Nair said. These transformations will be done keeping in mind the hawkers zone policy and parking policy which the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation is preparing under deputy municipal commissioner Aparna Thete.

Aurangabad Smart City additional CEO Arun Shinde and deputy CEO Pushkal Shivam have supervised the team on implementing the challenge. Assistant project manager Sneha Bakshi, Media Analyst Arpita Sharad, Project associate Kiran Adhe and team of interns worked on the project.

By winning the challenge, Aurangabad has surpassed big cities like New Delhi, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Surat, Jaipur, Bhopal, Nashik and Thane. The city will recieve cash prize of Rs 50 lakh for the victory.

Astik Kumar Pandey, Municipal Commissioner and Aurangabad Smart City CEO

"The selection of Aurangabad as winner among 113 participating cities in India is a major success and is a boost to the image of this city. The credit goes to the citizens of Aurangabad, Smart City and Municipal Corporation team. We are committed to transform the selected streets to give a modern look to Aurangabad."

First cycle track becomes a reality

Aurangabad: January 16: Cities first cycle track created by Aurangabad Smart City Development Corporation Limited (ASCDCL) was inaugurated on Saturday, January 16 by Maharashtra minister of Environment, tourism and protocol Aditya Thackeray. Maharashtra minister of industries, mining and Marathi language Subhash Desai was also present.

The ASCDCL CEO Astik Kumar Pandey resolved to create 20 kilometres of cycle track in city in the month of October at the launch of Cycles4Change Challenge. Subsequently, the team of ASCDCL under additional CEO Arun Shinde and deputy CEO Pushkal Shivam begun working on the project. 

5 routes were identified for potential cycle tracks of which the stretch from Kranti Chowk to Railway Station was selected as the stretch for creation of pilot cycle track project. The team of ASCDCL including media analyst Arpita Sharad, assistant project managers Sneha Bakshi and Sneha Mohan roped in urban designer Akash Joshi and the cycle track drawing was prepared.

As part of nationwide Streets4People and Cycles4Change Challenge in Aurangabad is participating the pavement at the Kranti Chowk turn was also developed along with the cycle track.

Ensuring that the project is eco-friendly and cost-effective, old Maharashtra State Transport Corporation Limited bus tyres were used for separating cycle track from fast moving vehicle lane.

On Saturday, during the inauguration of the track, Mr. Thackeray and Mr. Desai got on the bicycles themselves and clicked pictures with the cyclists.

Mr. Thackeray appreciated the initiative and said that as an environment minister he is keen on the execution of such projects.

Inauguration of 100 bus shelters

 Groundbreaking ceremony of Bus Bay at Railway Station

Aurangabad: In a mega ceremony at Railway Station, the ground breaking ceremony of modern bus bay and inauguration of 100 bus shelters was carried out by Maharashtra industries minister and Aurangabad district guardian minister Subhash Desai on Saturday. 

The Aurangabad Smart City Development Corporation Ltd (ASCDCL) has installed state-of-the-art bus shelters across the city to compliment the Smart City Bus Service. Of the total 150 planned, 100 bus shelters have already been installed at different locations. Desai inaugurated one shelter as a representation for all shelters in a fancy event in the presence of AMC administrator and ASCDCL CEO Astik Kumar Pandey, additional CEO Arun Shinde, deputy CEO Pushkal Shivam and Chief Operations Manager of Smart City Bus Division Prashant Bhusari.

The event also saw the groundbreaking ceremony of modern bus bay inside the Railway Station premises. The project includes construction of a boundary wall, colouring of the wall, art installations, landscaping and illumination.The site has been furnished with three bus shelters, two mega digital outdoor displays and CCTV cameras under the Smart City Project.

The Smart City Bus Service has been steadily working on improving passenger experience by taking various measures like launch of e-ticketing system, smart card Passenger Information System (PIS), vehicle tracking system and mobile app. This is the only city transport service in India to have a combination of all four services.

Special Jury Mention

Award For Covid Management

Surveillance network of city inaugurated by Aditya Thackeray

The Master System Integrator project taken up by Aurangabad Smart City Development Corporation Limited (ASCDCL) under Smart Cities Mission includes 

• Installation of 700 High resolution cameras in 418 locations

• 2 Command Centers  & 17 viewing centers at Police Stations

• Smart Bus Intelligent Transport System

• Environmental Sensors

• SWM Vehicle Tracking

• Portal & Mobile App

• Biometric Attendance

• Outdoor Digital Displays

On Saturday, January 16, Maharashtra minister of Environment, Tourism and Protocol Aditya Thackeray in presence of minister of industries, mining and. Marathi language and Aurangabad district guardian minister inaugurated the Command and Control Centre at Police HQ Aurangabad.

The centers is equipped with Video wall of 9 by 3 meters dimension and 20 workstations with 3 monitors. It receives the live feed of all the CCTV cameras through which the city police is enabled to address crime and traffic related issues.

Motion detection, object detection, mob detection, crime alerts are the various features of the integrated command and control center. The ASCDCL has awarded the Master System Integrator project to KEC International. 

Aurangabad Municipal Corporation administrator and ASCDCL CEO Astik Kumar Pandey and Commissioner of Police Nikhil Gupta briefed Mr. Thackeray about the features of the Command and Control Centre. Mr. Thackeray suggested that the center should also be equipped with disaster management analytics and social media surveillance among other things.

Majhi Smart Bus wins top award from Central Government

Aurangabad: The Aurangabad Smart City Bus has won the India Smart Cities Award (ISAC) 2020 in the Urban Mobility category, it was announced on Friday by the ministry of housing and urban affairs, Govt of India. 

A programme was organised by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) to mark the 6th anniversary of AMRUT, PMAY (U) and Smart Cities Mission in the presence of MoHUA minister Hardeep Singh Puri,  secretary Durga Shankar Mishra and Smart Cities Mission director Kunal Kumar. Aurangabad Smart City Development Corporation Limited (ASCDCL) CEO Astik Kumar Pandey, additional CEO Arun Shinde and the rest of the Smart City team virtually attended the programme. 

The Majhi Smart Bus project was launched in January 2019 by esrtwhile Yuva Sena leader and current Maharashtra minister Aaditya Thackeray. With a fleet of 100 buses the Majhi Smart Bus project caters to 32 routes. In its full capacity the buses cover a whopping 22,000 kilometre network in a single day. As many as more than 87 lakh passengers have benefited from the service in the overall running of 52 lakh kilometres. 

When the bus service was working in its maximum capacity, it catered to 15,000 passengers in a single day and this number will be raised to 25,000 if all 90 buses are operational. 

Even though the bus service suffered a blow due to the pandemic situation, the Aurangabad Smart City Development Corporation Limited (ASCDCL) and the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation made it a point to utilise the buses as Covid ambulances. During this period, the buses have covered more than 4 lakh kilometres transporting health workers and Covid patients.

Streets for People: Walking Audit of Design Competition Completed

Streets for People: Walking Audit of Design Competition Completed


Aurangabad Smart City Development Corporation Ltd (ASCDCL) team along with participants of the Streets for People’s Design Competition completed its walking-audit on December 23 and 24 at all four sites including Kranti Chowk to Gopal Cultural Hall, Paithan Gate to Gulmandi Chowk, Connaught Circle and Cidco/MGM road.


Students and working professionals across the city enthusiastically came forward to participate and study the sites under the Design Competition. Students studying in colleges in Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Kharagpur and other cities have also shown their interest in joining the team for the walking audit. Sneha Mohan Nair, the nodal officer of Aurangabad Streets for People Challenge, Sneha Bakshi, Assistant Manager, Arpita Sharad and Abhilasha Agrawal, Media and PR, ASCDCL helped the candidates with information about the sites and shared with them required information. An interactive Q/A session was held at the Kranti Chowk Flagpost and Connaught Circle on December 23 and 24 respectively. Sneha Mohan Nair said that there has been an overwhelming response and we are also receiving skilled designs. Talking about the data to be provided, apart from the information shared during the audit, all the maps, plans and necessary information will be share with participants through mail”. “We are expecting the designs to be submitted by January 7”, she added.


Design Competition is a part of ‘Streets for People’ challenge which is an initiative by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Government of India. The aim of the challenge is to reimagine, redevelop and transform Indian cities into more walking-friendly, spacious and economically vibrant spaces.

Aurangabad Street for people challenge

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Aurangabad Is Participating in the Streets For People Challenge

Aurangabad Is Participating in the Streets For People Challenge in its Pursuit to become a walking-Friendly city. We request you to fill this survey and lets us know what you think about walking in our city. We want to hear from you ! Please fill the survey from here : Click Here

Streets for People Challenge

The Streets for People Challenge is an initiative of the Smart Cities Mission, Ministry of Housing and
Urban Affairs (MoHUA), Government of India, to inspire cities to create walking-friendly streets through
quick measures, in response to COVID-19. The Challenge will support cities across the country to
develop a unified vision of Streets for People in consultation with stakeholders and citizens.
The Challenge aims to create flagship walking initiatives in cities, which focus on placemaking and
Aurangabad is also participating and ready to reimagine their streets as public spaces through the lens
of economic regeneration, safety, and child-friendly interventions initiatives, in order to ensure a green
recovery from COVID-19. 
You are invited to join hands for building Streets for People for Aurangabad City using the below link

Cycles for Change Challenge - Open Street Event on 2nd Oct 2020

Nationwide #Cycles4Change campaign introduced by Smart Cities Mission was launched in Aurangabad on the occasion of 151st Gandhi Jayanti as Open Street Campaign. A cycle rally was organised by Aurangabad Smart City Development Corporation Limited (ASCDCL) and Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) to mark the launch on October 2 from Cidco. ASCDCL CEO Astik Kumar Pandey and Aurangabad Commissioner of Police Nikhil Gupta flagged off the rally and around 100 cyclists participated in the rally.

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